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Astrology is related to the knowledge of the stars. One of the richest sciences which have the capacity to predict your future, past and present is Astrology. Each and every individual, whether a believer of this science or a not, has a knowledge about his or her sun sign. This is an instigation enough that somewhere down the road there is an innate desire in the people, to know what lies in their future. And then there are those avid believers whose are starting to…

The Sanskrit word ‘vastu’ plainly stands for ‘dwelling’, which is the home for god and humans, while the term ‘Shastra’ stands for ‘doctrine’. This shastra is based on the energies that reach us from various sources of atmosphere like solar energy, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy etc. It is primarily founded on the significance of directions and states that it is the direction that controls a situation or state of a system…

As per Vedic astrology, each planet and star in our solar system stand for a certain definite energy. Each planet produces its own energy and radiates its own cosmic colours. These coloured rays, along with the properties of radiated heat and energy, deeply affects the life of every single organism. It has been proven by detailed studies on this matter that the cosmic colour bands radiated by different planets are analogous to the colour spectrums of the correspondent

People say opposites attract but is it true even in the case of human beings? It is believed that marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth. The matches are pre-decided in accordance with a lot of factors. Astrological predictions are useful not just for future forecasts, but also, minutely, studies the nature, behavior and fate of a person. Indian society strongly believes in long-term and lasting marriages. As per Hindu beliefs, the union between two people

A major part of ancient science helps in predicting the future. This is not just a myth but is a fact that helps people overcome the tough situation and lead a peaceful life. It is true that people should always believe in hard work and should strive hard to reach great heights in order to fulfil their goals. It is not possible to gain betterment in life without the dedication and one should give importance to each and every aspect of life. Astrology is one such aspect that helps people

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