Also known as ‘the emperor of gems’ or a ‘woman’s best friend’, diamonds are associated with the planet of the beauty of love, Venus. Venus is the brightest planet after the Sun and Moon and is believed to be related with the desires of humans. A strong Venus brings name, fame and artistic quality in one’s life. Diamond is believed to remove all the obstacles caused by malefic Venus and transforms a troubled life into a comfortable one. It enhances the positive energy of the planet and assures harmonious and a long-lasting marriage along with mental as well as physical well-being.

Who should wear it?

  • Career: This stone is highly recommended for the Zodiacs Taurus & Libra and also for people with weakly positioned Venus. Diamond brings positivity, glamour, wealth, comfort, grandeur and richness in the wearer’s life. Individuals associated with entertainment industry such as stage performers, artists, photographers, actors are highly advised to wear diamond. It helps develop an attractive personality and boost the wearer’s artistic side. Hence, individuals who constantly need to interact with the community for business purposes can greatly benefit from this stone.
  • Health: Diamond can eradicate the health issues caused by a weakly placed Venus. It can effectively ease the problems of women suffering from diseases such as weak reproductive organs, kidney diseases or lack of sexual desires. It helps improve the stamina and ensure physical well-being of a person. Besides this, it has also proven its effectiveness in various other health problems such as diabetes, troubles in private parts, urine problem, problems in the skin, etc.
  • Marriage: Diamonds are a proven gemstone for strengthening marital bonds and it is believed to be one of the main reasons why couples exchange diamond rings during their engagement ceremony. Although Venus represents love, a negative Venus can ignite fume and rage in a relationship and can result in extramarital affairs. A diamond can nullify these negative effects by maintaining peace and harmony amongst the couple and result in marital bliss. Besides this, Venus is also responsible for governing sexual powers and thus, diamond is known to bring sensuality and pleasure in a relationship. This precious stone ensures tremendous co-operation from the native’s spouse.
  • Life: A positive Venus can bestow a person with comfort, luxury and prosperity. Furthermore, natives with strong Venus in their birth chart are blessed with the attractive appearance. On the contrary, a weak Venus can leave a person unsatisfied and unstable in life. In order to overcome this, experts usually advise wearing diamond to remove the hindrances and ensure success in life. Diamond directly affects the energy level and thought the process of an individual and improves his ability to work hard and gain confidence.

How and when to wear it?

  • Men can wear a Diamond either in their middle finger or in the little finger; while, diamonds are favourable for women when worn in the ring finger.
  • The gem in the ring or the pendant can be fixed in gold, silver or platinum. But always remember that the ring should have an open back so that the gem can touch the skin of the wearer.
  • Before wearing the ring or pendant made of this gemstone, one should always consecrate it, in order to benefit from this capable stone.
  • This gemstone should always be worn on a Friday between 5 am to 7 am in Shukal Paksha, or as advised by an expert.


Wake up early in the morning as it should be worn within one hour of sunrise. Dip the stone in raw milk or Ganga jal for sometime before wearing it. Put the ring on a white clean (unused) cloth with Venus Yantra and a pinch of kesar (saffron). Recite the respective/advised Mantra for at least 108 times and wear the stone!

Precautions and Care:

Though Diamonds are forever but surely not for everyone. They must be worn only after the strong recommendation of an astrologer. 18 Carat diamond should be purchased and be embedded in Gold preferably.

Diamonds can be best cleaned with lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush. Avoid using bleach and abrasives for cleaning the diamond. Always place the diamond ring in cotton in order to retain its spark.

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