Energy Balance

Energy Balance

Astrology is the study of the movement of planets and how these planets hold a deep impact on every single human life. According to the study of an ancient astrologer, the planets have certain energies or vibrations which affect every single aspect of our daily life. These energies must, therefore, be balanced in order to lead a comfortable & stress-free life.

The Sun

Any individual who is blessed with the power and energy of the Sun is bound to be unique and successful. A strongly placed Sun bestows the native with over-confidence and he tends to look down on people around him. This is a result of the high energy of Sun. They should try to balance their energy by serving other humans as well as animals. Spending a little time with their friends can also balance the energy. Natives who lack a strong Sun in their birth-chart tends to suffer from the dual personality. They are not at all confident and at the same time, are extremely aggressive. It is highly advised for them to involve themselves in exercises and pleasing environment, in order to balance their energies. Being involved in activities such as martial arts can also help them boost their confidence levels to face the challenges of life.

The Moon

Moon has a direct association with our minds. The native with a strong Moon is known to have motherly qualities and its influence depends on how you use it. It results in a peaceful and prosperous life. Any imbalance in the moon can cause mental illness and health problems. People facing an imbalance in their energies should try to reason their emotions with logic and should channelize them in the positive direction. Try engaging yourself in creative things and devotional practices and live in the present instead of worrying about the future or repenting the past.


Mars symbolizes our passion and fire. It can be a very strong source of motivation if used in the right direction. Any imbalance in the energy of Mars can make the native aggressive and lead to a lack of self-control. Since Mars is a physical planet, it is advised to indulge your energy in any physical activities which can help practice self-control.


Mercury influences our mind as it is the planet of mental energy. It defines our intelligence and communication power. When used in a constructive way, it helps enhance the native’s differentiating ability between right and wrong; truth and false. Mercury’s high energy can result in the destruction which can result in you, being a victim of easy influence and can indulge you in manipulating activities. Such people are advised to be a little selfless. Try sticking to the right path and success can surely come your way.


Jupiter is believed to be a spiritual planet. It represents self-realization and right acts. Jupiter is our knowledge, intelligence and wisdom and its energy can bring a lot of happiness in the native’s life. If by any chance, the native tends to lower down his consciousness, this supreme planet can change one’s approach towards life. It can make us egoistic and can trap us in materialistic pleasures to an extent, that one may forget the need to hold higher consciousness. Such natives are highly advised to indulge themselves in a little meditation daily, in order to realize that true happiness doesn’t come from momentary happiness.


Venus is related to the heart. It represents little joys, happiness and pleasures of life. One can achieve this bliss just by purifying their hearts. One should avoid taking the energies of Venus to extremes since that can result in the never-ending need of pleasures in life and can instead bring misery. The brighter side of Venus is divinity (the love for God and for all the creations of Him). The over-flowing energy of Venus can be balanced by holding love and compassion for God and keeping the heart open for any love that surrounds you.


Saturn helps us realize that God is the supreme power and is omnipresent. It teaches us the art of self-control and helps us realize the potential and importance of our inner strength. Saturn has a tendency to snatch our loved ones from us and leave us lonely. Hence, the native is advised to remain unattached to everything around. Saturn snatches or devoid us of everything we possess or are attached to. Therefore, one should be free from any attachments, in order to balance the Saturn. Whenever you’re upset and you feel that the situations are time and again taking sad turns, try to balance out this planet.

Rahu and Ketu*

Eclipses are the positions where the Moon’s and Sun’s orbit crosses. Rahu and Ketu do not have a physical existence like other 7 planets but are the points of these eclipses. Known as the invisible and most mysterious planets, Rahu is a shadow planet, which stands for desires while Ketu stands for positivity. Any disturbance in their energy levels can bring instability and destruction. Ketu provides the soil in which Rahu can plant its roots. Hence, it is very necessary to control Ketu’s energy before trying to handle Rahu’s energy properly. A strong Rahu signifies our ego and fire that never-ending urge in the native to look for gratification, success and control. It can infuse manipulation and deception in the native. Hence, it is very important to control these planets. It is advised to look for a preacher who can help you balance these energies by eliminating ego; a guide who can set you free from all the evilness lp you achieve ultimate freedom.

*The Sun, The Moon, Rah, and Ketu are considered planets in astrology, even though they are not physically the same as a planet like Mars.

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Complete Information By Acharya Ajay Verma