Hessonite, also known as Gomed, is found in the shades of light to dark brown, similar to the colour of cow’s urine (which is used for the purpose of healing in traditional Indian medicine). It is associated with the Vedic planet Rahu.
Rahu does not have a physical existence, and thus, is also known as ‘Shadow Planet’. Although Rahu is a very energetic planet, at the same time, it can prove to be a very destructive planet which results in dreadful consequences and mental distraction. Hence, it is very important to take extra precautions to ward off any fatal consequences of this evil planet. Designated as ‘Rahu Ratna’, Hessonite controls all the malefic and benefic planets of this shadow planet. It holds the ability to nullify all the negative impacts of this planet and transform them into positive ones. It does not recognize slow progress and instead, bestow the wearer with sudden and unexpected profits.

Rahu can affect the mental ability of the native and can be very fatal in nature. If present in one’s birth-chart, it’s Dasha stays for 18 long years and as a consequence, it deprives the native of any benefits depend on his karma. One should wear this stone in case of weakly placed Rahu in the horoscope. A strong & powerful Rahu can bless the native with great success in all walks of life.

Who should wear it?

  • Career: The shadow planet, Rahu is responsible for any delay in the accomplishment of goals and leads to confusion and instability of mind. A Gomedh can lead to quick success and the natives can touch the skies if they practice fields such as law, travel, tourism industry etc. It can result in the unexpected monopoly and can astonish the native with sudden jackpots. Students who fail to concentrate in studies are advised to wear Gomedh as it can also result in a completely focused mind and improves the ability to concentrate. Besides this, this gemstone revitalizes the wearer with elevated and out-of-the-box thinking. It also brings immense support from government and government agencies and is highly recommended to those in the profession of politics or any profession which requires public contact.
  • Health: Hessonite is highly known for soothing the mind and ease the native from depression, stress or any mind related problems and wards off any suicidal tendencies. It also helps cure various problems related to the skin such as epilepsy, phobias, eye infections and allergies. Besides this, it is very beneficial for the prevailing symptoms of cancer, leprosy, clumsiness, fatigue, blood pressure etc.
  • Marriage: Hessonite removes the fears of the couple and instils trust and faith in a relationship. It helps overcome misunderstandings and helps maintain a harmonious relationship. It is believed to boost love and passion and protects the couple from any negative energies.
  • Life: Hessonite removes the fear of supernatural existences that and brings stability in the life of the wearer. It also helps in protecting the wearer from evil energies and the strokes of bad luck. Hessonite embodies the Sahashara chakra (on the top of head) and hence, enhances spiritual growth. It blesses the native with the ability to stay away from negativities and safeguards him from any enemies. Besides this, it helps overcome the fears of reptiles and prevents injuries and fatal accidents.

How and when to wear?

  • Hessonite should be worn in the middle finger of the working hand (right handed people should wear it in right hand, left-handed people should wear it in left hand)
  • This gemstone can be set in the silver ring after evaluating the suitability of the metal from the native’s Kundli.
  • Before wearing the ring or pendant made of this gemstone, one should always consecrate it in order to benefit from this capable stone.
  • Always wear a Hessonite ring during Shukla Paksha on Saturdays.

ऊँ ऎं ह्रीं राहवे नम:

Precautions and care:

One should always consult an expert Astrologer before wearing this gemstone. Gomedh or Hessonite should not weigh less than 7 carats or as advised by an expert, in order to attain maximum benefits from this stone.

Avoid soaking or cleaning the Hessonite with extremely hot cleansing agents. Sudden temperature variations can greatly damage this precious stone, hence it is advised to use lukewarm water and mild detergent or soap for cleaning this gemstone. Also, avoid using ammonia and vinegar for cleaning purposes as they can awfully corrode the gemstone.

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